NEPLAN | Arc Flash Calculation

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Arc Flash Calculation is completely integrated and based on NEPLAN® short circuit and selectivity analysis modules. It calculates the incident energy for reduced and unreduced arcing current and in function of the working distance and it automatically determines the Arcing Fault Clearing Time. It also determines individual arcing current contributions.

 General Characteristics

  • Calculation methods: IEEE 1584 & NFPA 70E
  • New standards: IEEE for DC systems & ISSA (International Social Security Association)
  • Supports ANSI/IEEE and IEC short circuit calculation for symmetrical and unsymmetrical fault
  • Individual parameter setting to determine the incident energy
  • Automatically assign hazard category

Arc Flash Calculation module gives the possibility of multiple arc flash simulations just in one run.


Upon calculation results are automatically displayed on the single line diagram while their content and graphical information can be customized. Display of results is node oriented and can be inserted at any node or element. Result evaluation and processing is easier due to visualization functions:

  • Overloaded pieces of equipment (current transformers, voltage transformers, circuit-breakers, etc.) are highlighted
  • Output list is sorted by voltage levels. Arcing current, incidence energy, arcing fault clearing time, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) category and all appropriate results are displayed
  • Table interface with MS-Excel
  • Workplace safety: a flexible Label can be printed out by including the hazard classes and all required results