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Student & Demo version of NEPLAN 360 Web

The new online version of NEPLAN for students or businesses that want to test our powerful software is now available and free of charge! The NEPLAN 360 Demo is, however, only available in a very simplified version.
For a full Demo of our flagship product NEPLAN 360, please conact us.
Our student or demo version inlcudes a very limited range of functions and allows to calculate projects with a reduced number of nodes. The following basic modules with simplified models are available: Load Flow, Short Circuit and Dynamic Simulator.

You can try it out now, in a few simple steps. Copy the link below in an Internet Explorer or Firefox address bar , click on the Register button and fill in the short form that pops up. Immediately after that you will receive an email with you User Name and Password.
You are now ready to explore NEPLAN and its capabilities!

NEPLAN Student & Demo Version can be used with Internet Explorer 10 and later or Firefox. Please do not use Edge or Chrome.

If you want to have a broader experience of NEPLAN, visit our e-shop and get to know our easy-start NEPLAN 360 Engineering Packages. We offer the complete, powerful NEPLAN 360 Cloud version with full access in only a few seconds!


Demo version of NEPLAN Desktop

You can get a Demo version of our NEPLAN Desktop Electricity, Gas, Water, Heating just by registering using your company’s email. Click on the link below, submit your email and shortly afterwards you will be able to download and install our software.

Demo NEPLAN Desktop

Please note, however, that NEPLAN 360 is now our new flagship product, which goes far beyond a conventional planning tool.

Find out more about the differences to NEPLAN Desktop here.

Please, contact us should you require more information or a Demo for NEPLAN 360.