The NEPLAN Research Toolbox has been specially designed for researchers and developers which need to develop new power system models (e.g. control strategies) and new algorithms (e.g. SmartGrid applications). The Toolbox includes besides many NEPLAN calculation and simulation modules:

1. The NPL NEPLAN Programming Library, which is a C/C++ API that allows to access NEPLAN data and calculation algorithms includes amongst others the following functions:
execute any NEPLAN calculation engine

  • read/write access to all variables of all components
  • add / change /delete components and graphical data
  • retrieve the results from the NEPLAN analysis

2. An easy to use C/C++ API that allows developing user defined models for load flow calculations

3. A function block drawing editor, which allows to develop user defined models for controllers and primary components with function blocks

4. A Matlab interface, which allows developing dynamic user defined models (controllers and primary
components). The models may also be developed through the NEPLAN block diagram editor

5. A Simulink interface, that allows to execute simultaneously the NEPLAN dynamic simulator and the
Simulink simulator. That means that the controllers and/or primary components developed in Simulink may be directly connected to a NEPLAN user defined model. When running the dynamic simulation in NEPLAN, NEPLAN connects automatically to Matlab and executes the Simulink® model in Matlab. The rest of the network model will still be calculated in NEPLAN.


NEPLAN offers solution for universities or research institutes (non-profit companies) at reasonable prices, e.g.

  • Educational version for students
  • Research version