NEPLAN | Libraries

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NEPLAN offers an efficient Library Manager that provides extensive libraries for elements of any type while it allows the user to create complementary customized libraries. The comprehensive Library Manager is fully integrated. When entering network data, the data in the library can be accessed. Furthermore, the data entered in the network can be exported to the library.

Library Manager provides embedded libraries for practically any element. Among others, it offers libraries for:

  • Primary elements, such as cables and lines
  • Protection elements, such as elements for distance protection and overcurrent relays
  • Electrical machines, such as synchronous and asynchronous machines, transformers, motor characteristics
  • Regulators: Exciters, PSS Power System Stabilizers, Under Excitation Limiters, SVC Regulators, Governors, Over Excitation/Filed Limiters, Stator Current Limiters, PWM Regulators (real/imaginary part), ASM Rotor Regulators, VREF Regulators, PREF Regulators, Voltage Compensators, HVDC Master Controllers, HVDC Converter Controllers, etc.
  • Harmonic current sources

General Characteristics

  • All network data can be updated with changed library data
  • The data can be entered through excel like table sheets
  • Import/export to MS-Excel with drag and drop
  • Import/export to any SQL database. Update functionality from/to database is provided
  • Part of diagrams with all technical data can be stored in the library (e.g. used for IEEE control circuits)