NEPLAN | Migration course NEPLAN 5.x to NEPLAN 10.x

Goal of the training course

After this course you will be able to use efficiently the NEPLAN 10.x and will know what changed from Version 5.x to 10.x. The course will give you fundamental knowledge on the graphical interface, handling of the single line diagrams and the basic calculations (loadflow, shortcircuit). The course can be attended without any pre-knowledge of NEPLAN 5.x or NEPLAN 10.x.

Course content

  • Introduction NEPLAN 10.x
  • What is new compared to NEPLAN 5.x
  • Input of single line diagram
  • Import of networks
  • Graphical representation of networks
  • Diagram properties
  • Maps
  • Basic calculations (Load flow / Short circuit)
  • Other auxiliary functionalities