NEPLAN | NEPLAN 360, an Intranet and Cloud Solution

NEPLAN 360 is our new flagship product, which goes far beyond a traditional desktop power system analysis tool.

NEPLAN 360 is now available as cloud, intranet or desktop solution. It is the first fully browser and out of browser based power system analysis tool on the market using real client-server architecture, it can run on the web or locally, it is a cross-platform application that requires no installation and offers all the advantages of cloud computing. It allows to simulate all types of 1-2-3 phase AC and DC networks both stationary and dynamically with highly accurate models. NEPLAN 360 can also be used to simulate gas, water and district heating networks. Handling of big networks in a multi user environment is one of NEPLAN 360’s greatest strengths.

NEPLAN 360 advantages

In comparison to NEPLAN Desktop, NEPLAN 360 has the following advantages:

  • Modern user interface with many new features
  • Facilitates team working, both within the same business entity as well as with sharing projects between different departments or companies
  • Integrates better with geographical maps
  • Higher flexibility and new license models to meet your unique requirements, you only need a browser or an app
  • Most suitable power system analysis tool for integration with any 3rd party environment (OEM integration), e.g. geographical information system (GIS), SCADA and Smart Grid applications
  • NEPLAN 360 calculations can be called by any external software through web services
  • CPU intensive calculation can be distributed using cloud computing or parallelization
  • Better integration of the CGMES (ENTSO-E CIM standard for TSO’s)
  • Allows much simpler collaboration between TSO and DSO.
  • All calculation modules have been improved and new ones have been added

Improved modules

Among the mostly improved modules are:

  • Protection Modules (e.g Overcurrent Protection and Distance Protection)
  • Cable Sizing
  • Dynamic Simulator, Transient Stability
  • Time Simulation with profiles and measurements
  • Energy Loss Calculation

New modules

Among our newly added modules are:

  • Integrated Strategical Asset Management
  • Intelligent Grid Management
  • Optimization algorithms for Voltage Regulators and Circuit Breakers
  • Network Assessment Calculation

NEPLAN 360 can definitely bring your planning tasks to the next level.

We provide an easy and smooth upgrade from NEPLAN Desktop or any other power system analysis tool to NEPLAN 360. Feel free to contact us for further information or a demo!

Examples of NEPLAN 360

Selectivity Analysis

The new NEPLAN 360 Selectivity Chart includes many new options, like:

  • Including single line diagram
  • Adding annotations
  • More direct interactivity like setting of Short Circuit
  • User defined design styles, etc.


Cable Sizing



Some of the advantages of Cable Sizing in NEPLAN 360:

  • Completely integrated and with clearly arranged results
  • Results also on single line diagram. Sizing according to 6 standards including IEC, NEC, BS, IS, etc.
  • Sizing of protection along with the cable is done automatically


Dynamic Analysis

Cross compound multi synchronous machine model


IEC wind turbine and photovoltaic models


Transient Stability IEC wind turbine type 4B


Dynamic Simulation in NEPLAN 360: Cross-Compound multi machine dynamic model

  • More standard interconnection models (e.g. cross-compound multi machine)
  • New extremely fast and robust algorithm
  • More models, including all standard CGMES (CIM) and IEC wind turbine models
  • Very easy development of new user defined models (like in Modelica)
  • Very easy to define any user defined interconnection models


Easy project import from NEPLAN Desktop to NEPLAN 360
NEPLAN 360 has a built in functionality of importing projects from NEPLAN Desktop, so that you can smoothly upgrade from Desktop to 360. Following, an example of a project in Desktop and after its import in 360.

Project in NEPLAN Desktop


Project in NEPLAN 360

Please contact us for more information or a demo of the full functionality of the new NEPLAN 360