NEPLAN | License

NEPLAN can be run in different configurations.

Version V5.x of the software is delivered in either of two different configurations: as standalone application for a PC without Internet connection or with a license server running on the company’s site.

It is possible to choose from a list of modules, each of them having a specific functionality.

Also, when buying the software the maximum number of nodes has to be defined: 50 / 100 / 300 / unlimited nodes.

Besides the V5.x version of the software, NEPLAN is now available as browser-based application, NEPLAN V10/360. This option allows using the software on a yearly base. As in V5.x software licensing, costs depend on the maximum number of nodes and the modules chosen.

For systems wanting to access directly the calculation modules of NEPLAN, now it is also possible to make use of them via web services (SAS). This licensing method is time based too.