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Data storing

In the browser-based version of NEPLAN V10/360 all data associated to the projects is stored in a relational database. In case the user connects to NEPLAN through the cloud he doesn’t have to care about that. In case the software is installed in the intranet a SQL database has to be installed for this purpose.

Version v5.x of NEPLAN stores the data locally in an internal database.


To be interoperable with other systems, NEPLAN offers several ways to export, import and access data:

  • Direct access to calculation modules of NEPLAN with webservices (NEPLAN V10/360) and NEPLAN Programming Library (NPL, NEPLAN V5.x)
  • Import data from GIS and SCADA systems (CDE)
  • Import UCTE data
  • Import CIM ENTSO-E data
  • For NEPLAN V10/360, which stores its data in a relational database import and export to local file
  • For NEPLAN V5.x export and import to SQL-database and ASCII files