NEPLAN | Optimal Distribution Network

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This module optimizes the operation of distribution networks regarding different objective functions. Distribution networks usually have meshes, but they are radially operated. In the normal operation case, network losses can be minimized by selecting optimal separation points. In case of element failures, some portion of the system may be out of service and can be resupplied by changing the separation points. Dispersed generators may feed energy into the distribution system. The HV/MV transformers usually have voltage control with possibly active compounding. The MV/LV transformers have no voltage control, but their taps can be mostly changed by hand.

General Characteristics

The goal is the minimization of MW losses and the improvement of voltage levels with the following optimization criteria (all optional):

  • Optimal separation points (least loss switch configuration)
  • Optimal compounding for transformers
  • Optimal power factors of disperse generators
  • Optimal set voltage for on-load transformers
  • Optimal LV/MV-transformer tap setting
  • For normal operation and N-1 operation


  • Voltage limits at MV and LV-side (user-defined)
  • Thermal limits of the cables and transformers

Load situation

  • Load range defined by a maximum and minimum with scaling factors and load data import
  • User defines loads and disperse generators to be scaled