NEPLAN | Operation Modes

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NEPLAN offers several operation modes:

  • Normal application with easy to use graphical user interface
  • Calling NEPLAN by a line command (e.g. NEPLAN.exe /batch.dll), which opens NEPLAN, executes the dynamic link library (dll) and optionally closes NEPLAN
  • NEPLAN as a listener to a TCP/IP bus, where commands are recognized and performed
  • Calling a dynamic link library (dll) with any NEPLAN calculation engine
  • Calling NEPLAN or calculation engines through web service

These operation modes are used for integrating NEPLAN with Geographical Information Systems (GIS), SCADA, DMS, EMS, SmartGrid application and others or for defining batch procedures.

The communication between NEPLAN and an external system is bi-directional. Thus, results from the calculation can be further processed.