NEPLAN | Network Reduction

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This module is designed to reduce the size of a network model by replacing sets of buses and their connected elements (lines, transformers, etc.) with a smaller but exact, numerically equivalent network. For a properly chosen set of buses, this equivalent network will have fewer buses and branches than the original, yet still provide the correct response to faults or load flow calculations in the unreduced portion.

The network can be reduced for

  • symmetrical or asymmetrical short circuit calculations according to IEC60909, ANSI/IEEE or superposition method and
  • load flow calculation

The reduced network gives the same short circuit or load flow results as the original network. Giving the nodes to be reduced, the program determines the boundary nodes automatically.

Given any network for short circuit or load flow calculation and the nodes to be reduced, boundary nodes are automatically determined. Functions to select a complete network area to be reduced are available.

The reduced network will be represented by shunt and series equivalents, as well as equivalent infeeds. Depending on the type of network reduction, shunt and series equivalents consist of data for the positive, negative and zero system. For load flow network reduction boundary injections and boundary generators are calculated.