NEPLAN | NEPLAN Programming Library (C/C++)

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NEPLAN Programming Library – NPL is a C/C++ API library, which allows user to access NEPLAN data and calculation engines to develop customized calculation algorithms through a C/C++ program. The compiler used for creating the C/C++ program, which is a dynamic link library (dll), is MS Visual Studio 2008 and later.


Some of the basic functions included in the NPL are

  • Access and change any variable of any component
  • Execution of any analysis/calculation function
  • Adding and deleting components of the network and manipulating their graphical information (coordinates, symbols, etc.)


NPL gives user the freedom to build solutions addressing personalized needs. Among the numerous possibilities, common applications of NPL are

  • Implementation of NEPLAN in a SmartGrid environment
  • Use NEPLAN in batch mode (e.g. running several load flows and short circuit calculations cases)
  • Build customized interfaces (e.g. GIS, SCADA/DMS, DACF, CIM, etc.)
  • Develop a network master controller with events (such as “if u <90% switch on reserve generator”) and run the application in a quasi stationary mode
  • Checking protection behavior under various network conditions
  • Use NEPLAN as server and connect NEPLAN to a TCP/IP bus. The client may send any NPL command to the NEPLAN server (e.g. run load flow, open switch, change load, etc.)
  • Use NEPLAN as on-line system and build a DMS application using the NEPLAN graphic editor and the analysis tools
  • Develop customized calculation algorithms (e.g. OPF, reliability, capacitor placement etc.)