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The NEPLAN Dynamic Simulator offers an extensive and detailed set of models for all the power system elements. An extensive library of controller models is available, including exciters, turbines, PSSs, converter controllers, etc. The NEPLAN Dynamic Simulator can handle in a unique mathematical system a hybrid model formulation: combination of AC and DC networks can be easily simulated all together, including HVDC systems, DC-lines and several DC elements (batteries, photovoltaic panels, fuel cells). All the models are described in the Differential Switched-Algebraic State Reset Equations structure, called DSAR.

The flexible environment of NEPLAN Dynamic Simulator offers also excellent functionalities to develop user defined models. For each element it is possible to build a user defined model by one of the following three approaches:

  • function blocks (graphic oriented)
  • user defined DLL (automatically created from symdef files)
  • interface with Matlab/Simulink®

Especially for researchers and developers, the flexibility in creating user defined component models could be very useful for several aspects:

  • dynamic models for special machines or loads
  • non-standard controller schemes
  • wind power systems or FACTS devices
  • wide area network controllers
  • detailed model of protection devices

Moreover, all the functionalities of  NEPLAN Dynamic Simulator can be accessed by a C/C++ API, the NEPLAN Programming Library (NPL).