NEPLAN | Investment Analysis (Present Value)

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Net present value calculation with NEPLAN is based on two variants: one is the base or pre-investment case and the other the investment case, which is the network with all new components. In the Investment analysis new components and their investment data are evaluated.


General Characteristics

  • User-defined participation of elements in the calculation
  • Network losses are determined from a load flow calculation for the investment case
  • Consideration of load-dependent costs (ohmic losses) and of load-independent costs (magnetization, weather-dependent corona, and dielectric losses)
  • Consideration of taxes, maintenance costs, inflation, interest rates, etc.
  • Component’s investment data with material item costs are available in libraries



The outcome of the cost analysis in terms of Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Pay Back Period (PBP), etc. is displayed. The module provides with additional functions:

  • Merging of different investment alternatives
  • Comparison against different investment alternatives
  • Comparison against the “do-nothing” scenario
  • Comparison between investment variants