NEPLAN | Geographical Data and Maps

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NEPLAN has long-term experience in importing GIS data.

The software has a strong support for this type of data and also for the visualization of maps.

Import of geographical data

  • NEPLAN has an interface to import GIS data. Gas, water and heating networks can be described in a simple, human readable text file. Many GIS-providers support export to the NEPLAN GIS format. Also it is easy to implement interfaces to any existing database or system available at the client’s place.
  • NEPLAN offers to import GIS data specifically according to the needs of a client (please contact us).

Google Maps

  • Every point in the diagrams can be shown in Google maps by right-clicking it.
  • Network can be exported in KML format allowing to open it in Google Earth.

Visualisation of maps

As a new functionality of NEPLAN V10/360, online maps can be laid behind the infrastructure networks.

  • a wide range of maps can be used to be shown behind the network, like road maps, cadaster plans or infrastructure maps. Basically any WMS compatible map server can be registered, both public ones or servers running inside the company.
  • if the elements in the network have a different geographical projection as the map server the network is reprojected.
  • all maps retrieved once online are cached, so no connection to mapserver is needed any more assuring a fast navigation.
  • maps can be switched off and on at any time.
  • line, cable and pipe lengths are calculated automatically out of the map.
  • geographical networks can be scaled.