NEPLAN | Data and Study Case Handling

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NEPLAN offers the most intuitive Data Manager, with a multi-document, multi-window, table oriented system where all data can be entered for example as an Excel sheet. NEPLAN makes data handing easier as ever, as it provides interfaces to external programs and data and graphic can be exchanged with third party software (OLE-functionality).

General Characteristics

  • The equipment data are entered in dialogues, with plausibility checks. A colouring tool helps to show which data is needed for which analysis (e.g. short circuit, transient stability etc.)
  • Integrated Variant Manager (insert, delete, append, compare variants, compare results, etc.)
  • ASCII file or SQL database oriented import/export functions for exchanging network data, topology data and load data are available
  • Option for combining and separating networks. Any number of independent network areas and zones are possible. Each element and node can belong to any independent area and zone
  • Extensive functions for network statistics and network documentations are available
  • A state of the art library manager with extensive libraries for each element type facilitates data entry
  • All computation modules access a shared database
  • Integrated chart manager allows to analyse and compare all results from all variants
  • Multi-lingual function

Operational data

  • Start time of operation could be assigned to each component
  • Outage time for operation could be assigned to each component
  • Information about projected component or component in maintenance
  • Time dependent network state for calculation

Variant (study case) Management

  • Non-redundant storage and management of variants
  • For each network user may select: any desired switch states and any desired loading states
  • For each network user may define and store any desired number of variants and subvariants (variant tree). In the variant data, only the differences from the parent variant are saved
  • Variants can be compared, merged and deleted
  • The diagrams of different projects and variants can be displayed at the same time
  • Results from two different variants can be displayed on the diagram in one result label
  • Results of two variants can be compared in the chart manager